Visiting Renbukai India

Renbukai Black belt karatekas from across the country have reasons to rejoice. They will rub shoulders with grandmaster Sensei Toshihiko Kikumura from Japan at a three-day training camp to be held in Noida.

Around 50 karatekas are likely to attend the camp at NOIDA Stadium at Noida.

Our reveired respectable and loving Sensei Kikumura, International Director of Renbukai Karate kindly visited India from March 9th – March 12th, 2018 along with humble and kind Sensei Akira Yamaguchi.

They were humbly and warmly welcomed and received in Indian way by a group of Students and teachers of Renbukai India including Sensei Subodh Dhiman, Director, Renbukai India & Sensei Ajay Sharma.

For next 3 days Sensei Kikumura painstakingly taught us the keys to understanding the essence of KarateDo in his typical and traditional style of teaching which is very enlightening, empowering and enjoyable. He was kind enough to meet us where we were in our practice and with lots of patience he took us to where he would like us to be with our practice. Everyone tried their best to do what was taught by Sensei Kikumura.

On 11 March Sensei Kikumura inaugurated the new Delhi Dojo in traditional Indian way. Senpai Dataram Purwal, a Sanskrit scholar and teacher recited Vedic Mantras during the ceremony. After which the new Dojo received teaching of Sensei Kikumura. Delhi Dojo patrons and future students Mukul Ji and his family organized a hearty and tasty lunch spread for the occasion. Sunday’s other highlight was birthday of Sensei Yamaguchi who kindly shared his big day with all of us.
On 13th Sensei Kikumura and Sensei Yamaguchi visited nearby Garh Ganga and did some shopping before taking the flight back home. It was a wonderful experience and a blessing to have Sensei Kikumura with us and we hope he returns back soon enough. We assure Sensei Kikumura that we would do our best to follow his teachings.Renbukai India extends hearty thanks to all those who helped us in successful visit of Sensei Kikumura and Sensei Yamaguchi. Big thanks Senpais Kareem , Sumit , VK Singh , Ranjeet , Gayanu , Shankar, Satyam , Chandan, Amit , Anjana Raju Sensei & Nepal team along with Media friends and representatives for covering the event. We would also like to express our gratitude to Shri Mukul Ji for all his helpand contribution for successful and grand opening of Delhi Dojo.

written by Mr. Subodh director of Renbukai India.


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