About Renbukai Karate

It was built the Kanbukan Dojo which former name Renbukai at Kudanshita Tokyo in 1945. Kanbukan founder was Korean master Geka Yung who learned from Master of Tomari te Kangen Toyama.

After World War II, Master Geka Yung decided open the Kanbukan Dojo to teach Karate for give opportunity to the young Korean people who living in Japan at that time.

The Kanbukan had record that other Masters belong to the Knabukan as instructor who was Mr. Oyama (Founder Kyokushinkai) and Mr. Kinjyo (Founder Kenkyukai) and so forth.


When occupied Japan, the Japanese government were controlled by the GHQ(General Headquater). GHQ also controlled Japanese Marshal Arts organizations. (Somehow, Karate was not prohibit by them. Because Karate was new Marshal Art at that time.)Then they had confiscated their Armours and weapones from Ken do for dispose to them. Before they dispose them, we had chance to buy old Armous for cheap price to use practice for full contact sparring. That was time they start seeking the real way of fight in Karate do. But Bogu Kumite which is way of fight for full contact with armour had already researched by other Karate masters.(Mr. Funakoshi, Mr. Mabuni and Mr. Miyagi)

But most major master of style were decided fight without armor for compete, but some of instructor were joined Kanbukan who wanted fight with full contact with armor Kumite.

The Kanbukan had changed name Renbukan in 1951. Master Norio Nakamura became first director Renbukan after Mr. Geka Yung move back to Korea.

The first All Japan Tournament had held by Renbukan at Kyoritsu kodo Kanda Tokyo Japan in 1959. It was first and open Karate tournament of Japan which was broadcast on TV station. Since 1959, Renbukan had established JKF(All Japan Karate do Federation), but that organization give away to the other style due to unite to one organization of Karate.

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